Tyler Matheson is a research-based interdisciplinary artist exploring physical tensions between binaries, identity, orientation, and balance. Matheson seeks to address the gaps between the communicative intention of the artwork and the interpretation of it being in a state of constant flux. The viewer is the co-creator of dialogues based on their interpretation and their personal experiences with feelings of otherness. Using painting, sculpture, photography and installation strategies he creates multi-media artworks that engage with the performativity of found material or objects. His work engages narratives that consider utopia and ephemerality while activating space and the viewer. What the viewer interprets the work as furthers the dialogue and creates intersections for discussion of our experiences of the world. \ 

Matheson completed his BFA in Painting and Photography at York University. He now lives and studies in Waterloo, Ontario as an MFA candidate at the University of Waterloo.